Super Bock BTS

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Super Bock BTS

To us, its fascinating seeing what other editors do with our footage. Sometimes, when a shoot has quite a tight schedule and the international agency and production team leave South Africa immediately after they’ve wrapped, they prefer to take the behind the scenes footage with them and edit it themselves.

That was the case for the filming of Super Bock, a Portuguese brand of strong, pale lager from the Unicer Brewery, shot in Cape Town by Ministerio dos Filmes, directed by Marco Martins and production serviced by Maximum Films, Cape Town. This footage was shot by Frans Marais and Wilhelm Rabie but edited in Portugal.

Whenever you are behind the camera you can’t help but think how you are going to edit the shot, or at least how it will combine with the rest of the footage. So when someone else edits it, the end product will always be different from what you envisaged. We like to incorporate blocks and we quite like a pacy edit. Here the editor has used straight cuts and a more relaxed vibe based on the music that was chosen. We like it! Different can also be good. Check it out and see what you think.

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