Red Cross Children’s Hospital Pharmacy

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Red Cross Children’s Hospital Pharmacy

Wow it’s been so hectic for the last few weeks that I haven’t had a moment to do a new post. It’s a blessing to be busy and we really appreciate it, but it’s also good to be able to look back and see some of the projects we worked on recently.

While the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Pharmacy is technically not an NGO, they didn’t have any budget for this project. And as it’s such a worthwhile and progressive idea, we did it for them for free. Moms and dads typically spend quite a while at the pharmacy, waiting for the very specific medicine their child requires. Essentially this is wasted time. So the Pharmacy manager wanted to create some instructional DVDs that parents could watch (in three languages and subtitled so the noise is not distracting) that not only explained the process at the pharmacy (and why it sometimes takes so long to get the meds) but also helpful hints; like how to mix antibiotics correctly, how to crush and dissolve tablets, how to correctly insert a suppository. We worked with the pharmacy staff themselves as well as filming at the Grootte Schuur training centre to get shots of baby dummies (or is it dummy babies) to demonstrate on.

We are told that the clips have been very well received at the hospital and that the patients are finding them helpful. We’ve posted a little selection to show you what they look like.

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