Hunter’s – It’s Blazing – BTS

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Hunter’s – It’s Blazing – BTS

Everyone who owns a tv in South Africa will recognise the phrase, “My chinas, and my china’s chinas”. The 2 previous campaigns have done exceptionally well for the Hunter’s brand, the first being about global cooling (refreshes like nothing on earth) and the second focusing on the power of social media. The latest ad focuses on the link between Hunter’s, local music and friends.

The storyline revolves around friends including Thapelo, the Hunter’s lead, rappers Jack Parow and JR as well as Tumi (Gang of Instrumentals), getting lost in the desert without fuel and trekking in the heat and whining to each other. They come across a garage where they can get some petrol but more importantly there is an ice cold fridge filled with thirst-quenching Hunter’s. We love the payoff line – you can’t change your china’s but at least you can refresh them.

Frans filmed and edited the behind the scenes and loved visiting Namibia for the shoot. The cast and crew were amazing and everyone worked hard to pull off an exciting new ad for this brand. Check out the BTS here – even though we also produced an interview clip and a bloopers reel, its fun to see a bit of the action.

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